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Personalized lessons
for ALL ages, ALL levels, ALL styles in:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Banjo
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Baritone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Rock Band
  • NYSSMA Prep
  • Chamber Ensembles
  • Songwriting/Composition

  • Music Theory

    Explore the fundamentals of music. Learn music terminology, and musical techniques that composers and writers use to create different effects. Compose, arrange, and understand how sounds work together. Also available as a source of extra help for students who are currently taking Music Theory in school.

  • Songwriting/Music Composition

    Learn how to notate songs, write lyrics, and arrange. Whether you want to compose classical music, or write your own pop songs, our staff can guide you through the music-writing process step by step. No experience necessary!

  • NYSSMA Prep

    Prepare for New York State School Music Association solo performance, including mock evaluation and sight-reading practice.

  • Specials

    Occasionally there will be opportunities to participate in seminars of special interests: topics such as songwriting, arranging, music management, and more.

  • Rock The Stage

  • Our "Rock The Stage" rock band program sets the stage for students to learn their instrument in a fun and interactive setting. Each student is placed in a band with peers of their same age range and skill level. We believe that passion for music grows when you play music you love and enjoy!

  • Pre-K Music (Ages 3-5) Private Instruction

    An introduction to music for toddlers! Here they will explore music fundamentals through fun rhythm exercises, sing-a-longs, ear training games, and an introduction to an instrument of their choice.

  • String Ensembles

    A contemporary ensemble experience where students will play well-known orchestral works mixed with pop/rock favorites. Students will be placed in the appropriate ensemble (Group A, Group B, Chamber Ensemble) after an audition.

  • Glee Club

    Center Stage presents the ultimate combination of Glee and Pitch Perfect! Sing and dance to creative arrangements of popular songs.

All our lessons are personalized to the students' interest and abilities

  • Music and Art

    Dig into your creativity and lets make some music with our artwork! Our super crafty instructor Angela O’Reilly, known for her eccentric style, will be putting everyday items to use in our music and arts workshops! Angela’s inventive nature goes across the board from baking, stylish nail art (check them out when you’re here!) and jewelry design, to making hula hoops from scratch. There is no stopping this creative mind so be ready for an explosion of great ideas and exciting crafts!

  • Yoga for Musicians

    Treat your mind and body! Learn how certain yoga positions and breathing techniques can actually improve your technical skills, posture and relaxation as a musician! Come and experience what yoga can do for you as a musician with our instructor Lauren Arceri. Lauren is a certified yoga instructor and has used her wealth of knowledge of both music and yoga to ensure the success of all of her students. She teaches all of her students the importance of relaxation and how to relieve tension in the body in order to produce the best sound possible! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a master!

  • Instrument Exploration Day

    Not sure what instrument is right for you? Come take a crash course lesson from our amazing world class and university trained instructors. We will show you the basics on an instrument of your choice and will show you what it takes to become a pro! Then, sit back and enjoy as our teachers play for you snippets of each of the instruments that your are interested in. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take a tour of our studio and eat some snacks as we educate you for FREE!

  • Instrument Maintenance Workshop

    Learning how to properly take care of your instrument is extremely important. Musical instruments are very delicate and can be broken easily. These workshops will teach you how to properly clean, store, manage, tune and maintain your musical instruments. With the tips learned in this workshop, your instrument will last longer and stay looking good!